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Snehal Khatavkar
Design researcher. Design strategist

Design is the 
relentless pursuit of

imagining possibilities.

Challenging the status quo, leveraging evidence based design to craft solutions that improve how we interact with our world. It's about pushing boundaries, redefining problems, and imagining a better future!

Imagining new value systems for the future of journalism

Collaborated with Solutions Journalism Network, a non-profit. The team at ID refined their current theory of change, identified ways to repurpose journalistic content and facilitated a co-design workshop with community leaders to identify ways to strengthen communities through journalism

multidisciplinary designer,
I thrive at the nexus of environments and experiences, where innovation meets strategy, crafting solutions that are not only profitable but also beneficial for the people and our planet.

My dedication lies in seamlessly bridging the gap between discovery and implementation, by translating insights into actionable strategies, services, and products. 

Actively seeking opportunities as a
Design researcher & Service Designer 

Key Principles 

I follow and believe in 

Value people's time and energy

Observe, listen, and reflect before contributing

If you don't start, you will never know

If you don't start, you will never know

Featured projects

Rethinking Healthcare Power of Attorney process

Patient-centered approach to design a scalable, and adaptable process to increase patient engagement. The solution focuses on promoting the use of HPOAs, clarifying the submission process and integrating forms into patient EHRs 

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