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Snehal Khatavkar
Design researcher. Design strategist

Design Research  | Service Design 

Rethinking Healthcare Power of Attorney process

Patient-centered approach to design a scalable, and adaptable process to increase patient engagement. The solution focuses on promoting the use of HPOAs, clarifying the submission process and integrating forms into patient EHRs 

Service design | Design research

How might we reduce E-waste through civic engagement? 

A service for children to engage with their communities to reduce
E-waste through gamified challenges. 

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Innovation strategy | Design research 

Innovation strategy for combating fatigue in ramp workers

Recognizing the critical yet often ignored issue of fatigue-related injuries among baggage handlers, United Airlines' corporate safety team collaborated with Institute of design. The team ID developed an  holistic approach to fatigue management. This comprehensive system integrates cutting-edge technological solutions but also refines internal processes to prioritize employee wellness and significantly reduce workplace injuries.

Communication design | Design research 

Connecting Hawaiian residents to the land's indigenous culture

This is a space to share more about the business: who's behind it, what it does and what this site has to offer. It’s an opportunity to tell the story behind the business or describe a special service or product it offers. 

Investigations and explorations 

The case of rising insulin prices. A systems thinking approach 

Reframing embedded finance for an equitable future 

Business strategy | Design thinking

Growth strategy for Mental health startup

Collaborated with a startup to validate and refine their current business model and explore ways to scale and achieve their vision of democratizing access to mental healthcare for children

Design strategy | System thinking | Co-design 

Imagining new value systems for the future of journalism

Developed a strategic initiative for the Solutions Journalism Network, a non-profit journalism organization, to transform news content into a powerful catalyst for civic engagement and boost community involvement. Using a systems thinking approach and co-designing with community leaders and readers, we crafted a sustainable model for local journalism.

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