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Snehal Khatavkar
Design researcher. Design strategist

The project bridges the gap between  journalism and the audience, with audience prototypes giving insights into the type and format of news expected from news outlets and the potential ways to drive impact in their fields and communities. 

Co-designing  the future of Solutions Journalism
Systems analysis | Participant recruitment 
Stakeholder interviews | Co-design workshop

A systems thinking approach to understand the gaps in insulin delivery and access in the united states 

Accessing Insulin in the United States
Systems thinking | systems mapping 

An ongoing project to increase the number of Healthcare power of attorneys assigned and on file under Uchicago Medicine 

How Might we help people understand the importance of having a medical decision maker ? 
Coming soon
Design for implementation| Healthcare |

Connecting Hawaiian residents to the land's indigenous culture.

Ho’Aloha App
Communication design| Interaction design 

A real life observation turned design project, explores the many reasons contributing to loneliness and self-isolation in older adults. The process  facilitated in understanding the aspirations and desires of an aging population through personal interactions, observations and rapid  ideation.

Ageing 2.0 
| social connections |  

Recognizing the problem of inaccessible services for kids with intellectual disabilities and lack of support services for parents, an early identification system for kids with intellectual disabilities was designed to be delivered mainly  in rural India.   

Find first 
Social enterprise | Inclusive design 

Cyclone resilient solutions to aid the people of sunder bans in leading a life free from forced migration, poverty, risk to life while preventing further ecological imbalance.

 Homestead in the sunderbans
Architecture | Disaster resilient shelter 

A project analysis report of the 'Pune cycle plan'. The report analyses the different reasons contributing to the cycle sharing systems eventual collapse. The overlaps between multi modal transport systems(urban design), the effect of urban form on cycle sharing systems, and service design were key motivations to undertake the project 

Case study - Bicycle plan 
Urban design | 

A craft center in Orissa focusing on upskilling artisans and the practice of craft in the Indian Building Industry. The project allowed for

in- depth knowledge of construction processes, material research.   

Building craft center 
Architectural design | material research 

Understanding the different ways in which children assimilate and perceive information. The findings of studying the physical, cognitive, socio emotional development]s in children is reflected in the various design iterations within space planning, furniture and products. 

The angwanwadi project
Architectural design | play and learn 

Reflecting on the experience of surveying heritage monuments in India under the Accessible India Campaign.  The journey of observing heritage sites from under the lens of universal accessibility unraveled a series of questions about access, the meaning of heritage and the idea of universality in a diverse country like India.

Accessibility in heritage 
Inclusion | Heritage | Access

The pigments in the leaf cells play a crucial role in the process of photosynthesis, by absorbing sunlight and converting the light into energy. During autumn, the foliage goes through a discoloration phase giving multiple color combinations and patterns. Abstracting these two processes for form exploration gave interesting results.

Leaf form 
Form | Color 
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